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55 Fresh and Creative Logo Designs for Inspiration

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When looking for inspiration for logos it seems to get harder and harder as someone has likely already had the same idea you may have had for a fresh, creative logo. I always like to look through a few different logo sites to find some new designs from other creatives. Here is a gallery of 55 fresh new designs that I like. You won’t find the same logos over and over again here that you see on many other posts.

about-thymeafrican-tradtionalatauamikooart-machineblackstarbloobsevenboxboundclickerclick-stream-dynamicscloud-switchconnected-mattersconnexiandachedownthemallechonoteeightentertainment-direct >fafil-sportsfirefishgood-togethergreen-forkguitar-treehot-buttonhot-mediahotspotimpactkalmanlandmarkliquid-designmama-chansminimalmove-frognueyspedagogpigmentopurely-artisticraja-mazered-fox-validationred-horserepresentroccos-casinorollyoskull-machinesports-focussquire-investmentsstep-3talkonomicstechnical-difficultythe-creative-inboxthinkoncetrue-magictypographia-mediavideo-community