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1. A creative team of web strategists, designers and developers.

Our team is built of designers who can write code and design visuals & developers who can build interfaces as well as web strategists who can connect all of it.

We’re using the web all day, every day so we can share best practices as well as how they pertain to your website.

We also believe that you should know the people who are working on your project. We’re motivated to create direct conversations with our clients and the people that actually do the work. We want our Designers and Design Leads to manage projects so that you have direct access to the people who understand the problem. Shorter timelines and better products are the result.

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Mike and the team at Otreva helped me get Shillster off the ground quickly. They're curious, smart, and hard-working, and actually seem to enjoy the work they're doing for us. The only reason I wouldn't recommend Otreva is because I'd want them all to myself.

Michael Tracy

- Shillster

What We Do

We do more than just build websites (although we do love that too).

We are strategists.

We deliver value by helping you develop your overall web product and strategy.

We are builders.

We design & build custom web products to solve your problems and meet demands.

We don’t just do work to do work. We’re focused on results and creating rewarding work for our team and our clients. We don’t run from things that may seem impossible, instead, we try to find solutions. This means you may not always get a "yes we can do that" answer if it isn't in your best interest. Sometimes telling our clients no is more important that saying yes. We have the experience to know what works on the web, and more importantly what doesn’t.

We follow industry best practices as outlined by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community that develops open standards to ensure the long-term growth of the Web. By following the best practices that have been set forth, we can ensure our products last into the future.

Guiding Team Principles

Using Kaizen to continuously improve ourselves, our work & our process.

We believe in the Kaizen (Japanese for “improvement” or “change for the better”) philosophy which focuses on continuous improvement. Although not traditionally used in the design and development field, we believe the basic philosophy fits Otreva well and are always looking for ways to improve our work and people.

Never Stop Learning

From childhood all the way through our schooling we are like sponges absorbing a wealth of knowledge. But then it just stops. Why? To make the most of what the world has to offer, we need to continuously learn. At Otreva, we feel that learning is essential for not only personal growth, but also for our web product growth. We share some of what we create through our lab (our blog) to help others benefit from what we've learned.

We Love What We Do

Sure that is easy to say, but we think you’ll find that working with us is fun because we’re happy. When people enjoy their work, it isn’t work and the creative juices can flow freely. The outcome? Client satisfaction and personal gratification.

Otreva Nevers Stops Learning

Our Process

5Ds of Web Design = Formula For Success


Determining user needs is crucial to the success of your product.

We can develop what you believe to be a great product but if your end-users don’t have a need, it won’t survive.


Based on your infomation from discovery, how should we design the product?

A successful design solution fulfills user needs and finds synergy between the end user's functional and cultural needs.


Take all of the information and feedback gathered thus far and build the product.

We bring on the builders to code the product into a living breathing creature.


We do a little polishing and get your product ready for prime time.

It has been a fun journey but now it is time to send our product into the real world.


Giving you everything you need to maintain and use your product effectively.

We’re here for you into the future to help with your new product.

Our Team

Mike Averto Otreva Owner
Mike Averto

Owner / Project Lead

Paul Wenke PHP
Paul Wenke

Application Engineer

Jeff Russo DBA
Jeff Russo

DBA / Backend Guru

Chris Cosgrove UX / UI
Chris Cosgrove

UX / UI Design