55 Fresh and Creative Logo Designs for Inspiration

When looking for inspiration for logos it seems to get harder and harder as someone has likely already had the same idea you may have had for a fresh, creative logo. I always like to look through a few different logo sites to find some new designs from other creatives. Here is a gallery of 55 fresh new designs that I like. You won’t find the same logos over and over again here that you see on many other posts.

about-thymeafrican-tradtionalatauamikooart-machineblackstarbloobsevenboxboundclickerclick-stream-dynamicscloud-switchconnected-mattersconnexiandachedownthemallechonoteeightentertainment-direct >fafil-sportsfirefishgood-togethergreen-forkguitar-treehot-buttonhot-mediahotspotimpactkalmanlandmarkliquid-designmama-chansminimalmove-frognueyspedagogpigmentopurely-artisticraja-mazered-fox-validationred-horserepresentroccos-casinorollyoskull-machinesports-focussquire-investmentsstep-3talkonomicstechnical-difficultythe-creative-inboxthinkoncetrue-magictypographia-mediavideo-community

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