Developing mobile apps starts with a series of choices. Each choice plays an important role in the final look, function, and feel of an application. Choosing a specific platform may be the most crucial choice, as it will then determine what features are available and how an app can roll out. Cordova offers a variety […]

MySQL is one of the most popular database engines, and with good reason. Once configured properly, it can help connect thousands of databases to servers and do so at relatively low cost. Plus, since it’s such a common tool, you’re unlikely to run into issues where servers don’t recognize it or you can’t get help […]

The cloud has been an IT buzzword for several years now, but it’s only now that businesses are beginning to see the real benefits of cloud computing. SMEs are set to be the greatest beneficiaries of a rapidly expanding tech sector that in itself is valued at almost $150 billion. Cloud computing reduces IT costs … […]

Yes, the cloud is offering major innovations in how business gets done and how platforms are maintained, but it’s not a zero-sum game. Out in the field, where we use these cloud models, we have to weigh the results of implementation and determine whether it makes sense for a particular project. Rapid Deployment and Elasticity […]

Responsive web design has come a long way in just a few short years since being introduced. It has allowed development shops like ours the ability to help out clients reach their end user regardless of what screen size the device they are using is. Responsive design takes an interesting approach to the problem mobile […]

The Internet increasingly keeps people company in their purses and pockets, so it’s imperative that every website perform well on a phone or tablet. In the early days of smartphones, the only way web designers could customize their websites to work on small screens was to design a separate mobile site from the ground up. […]

An enterprise web application refers to the apps or software that businesses use to help the organization solve enterprise level problems. This software is usually very large and complex and used only in huge organizations as opposed to small business or individual use. MySQL is an open-source relational database management system that’s widely used for […]

Zend Framework 2 is used for developing Web applications (especially enterprise application development) using PHP 5.3+. It uses complete object-oriented code and uses most of the newly developed features of PHP 5.3, including namespaces, lambda functions and closures, and late static binding. This framework is the latest stable version of the original Zend Framework, which can […]

Responsive web design has been on the move since 2012 and all trends point towards the website tool being a permanent fixture in web design. As more devices hit the market with Internet capability, the more responsive web design will need to be across multiple channels. So what are the current trends in responsive design […]

Otreva is looking for a rockstar web engineer who can work front end and back end in an MVC framework. That means you live and breathe database driven websites. We are looking for someone who understands that creating strong platforms that can connect with multiple social networks and is device agnostic is part of the […]