We were recently asked on our Deploying WordPress to Amazon Web Services AWS EC2 and RDS via ElasticBeanstalk post how to easily manage multiple environments and multiple databases with one codebase. The answer with Amazon’s Elasticbeanstalk is pretty straightforward. Step 1: Launch a new environment within the same application. Step 2: Once that new environment is in […]

amazon mws staging account login

UPDATE*** Staging accounts are no longer supported: Hi Mike, Greetings from Amazon Marketplace Web Services Support, At this time we do not offer staging accounts for our Marketplace Web Services or MWS service. Though we have had sandbox or staging accounts in the past, it is no longer offered and the only place for the […]

Continuous Integration Status Board

We’ve internally been using Atlassian’s Bamboo CI and Jenkins CI build servers for some time now. As we have begun maintaining an ever growing codebase for our clients, we found it nice to have a CI server status board that our team can glance at throughout the day to see build and test statuses, integration […]

how to reploy wordpress to amazon web services AWS elasticbeanstalk

A common question we get asked is how do I ensure my WordPress application can scale with an influx of demand? What can I do do ensure high uptimes and great performance? As a member of the AWS Partner Network, our typical response is to build an auto-scaling, self healing cloud application using AWS ElasticBeanstalk. AWS […]

We all know that backing up our data consistently is important right? (for those of you who aren’t yet, you should start.) After a few years of using RackSpace’s Cloud Files and then Amazon’s S3 (Simple Storage Solution) for backup, we recently made the switch over to Amazon’s newest, low-cost storage service, Amazon Glacier. When considering the […]

Our friends at NationBuilder have recognized Otreva and our recent political campaign web designs.

2013 will be the year responsive web design gains mainstream adoption. Some may argue it already has mainstream adoption however I think a quick look through the fortune 100 list of websites shows that corporate America isn’t there yet. Consumption of web content has drastically changed over the past 5 years with the number of […]