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How-to: Amazon Marketplace Web Services (MWS) Staging Account


Staging accounts are no longer supported:

Hi Mike,

Greetings from Amazon Marketplace Web Services Support,

At this time we do not offer staging accounts for our Marketplace Web Services or MWS service. Though we have had sandbox or staging accounts in the past, it is no longer offered and the only place for the item or order feeds to go is the actual Production side of Amazon. As you can imagine, bad information added for a product could impact your seller account or other seller accounts. Bad information on an order could also impact your sellers account or your buyer account. Due to these risks we no longer offer test accounts at this time.

We don’t have a separate test environment, but there are controls within a ProMerchant account for suppressing your offers from buyers, allowing you to test every aspect of an Amazon merchant integration for your MWS applications.

MWS supports many different Amazon Services products. Each of these products has a different account structure and uses different sections of the MWS API. In order to validate the MWS submission the account needs to be attached to a valid seller account. These services have different functions for controlling availability of offers and listings, rules for order management, promotions available, as well as core functionality of the service itself.

For the Selling on Amazon service, there are two account types: Individual and Professional. Only the Professional accounts have access to Selling on Amazon API sections. We don’t have any other Selling on Amazon account types for ‘testing.’ For this reason, all MWS posts and calls will need to be leveraged against an existing Seller account.

Additionally, support is not able to create any accounts, creation must be done via the self-service registration process. Outside of the self-service changes to account types within Seller Central (e.g. Individual to Professional), we cannot change the existing functionality on any account.

You can still subscribe as a Pro Merchant and set the listings to vacation just to avoid posting live listings on Amazon resulting in orders from Buyers and use the same vacation settings to test feeds for developing your software or for managing your account for development purpose.


However, having said the above; if you are hesitant on subscribing to a Professional selling account on Amazon with a selling fees of $39.99; you can still be eligible to use MWS by having at least one of the following accounts given below :
a. Amazon Payments account (or)
b. Amazon Fresh account (or)
c. Amazon Prime Now account.

Hence, you can register to either of the three accounts mentioned above and use the same for developing purposes or you can choose to have a Professional selling account and use the same account for testing purposes using live orders and live listings on Amazon.

I appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this regard.

I hope my message addressed your query. However if you have further queries, please do not hesitate to write back to me as I will be more than pleased to help you out.

Thanks for being a part of the online community.


This no longer works:

We’ve been working on custom web application that integrates our client’s platform with Amazon’s storefront. Trying to understand how a development environment is setup through Amazon is a tricky task. It required hours of scouring Google for answers, contacting Amazon MWS support and hours of waiting. Hopefully this post can be a cheat sheet for developers trying to learn Amazon’s system.

Step 1:

Signup for a seller account on Amazon and select the Professional option. Go through the entire process and fill out you company name and address for your development account. You shouldn’t have to add a credit card or tax documentation even though it asks.

Step 2:

Login to your newly created account and open up a help ticket. Explain what you are developing and the reasons you need a “staging account“. Amazon should respond with instructions and the new account you created should be a development account. It should have all the normal features of a real Amazon account except that you can’t sell on the real, only in ungated categories on the staging version of Amazon. Also request the staging URL and credentials for testing orders at the same time.

Step 3:

After you’ve been informed by Amazon that Step 2 is complete, you can sign up with MWS as a developer. You should receive 5 things back:

  1. Merchant ID
  2. Marketplace ID
  3. Developer Account #
  4. AWS Access Key ID
  5. Secret Key

You will then be able to send your client(s) to the same signup page with your developer ID. You application will then use #2,4,5 for every single client while only replacing #1 for each client’s requests.

Step 4:

Testing orders was one of the most unusual ways we have ever tested. It requires you to signin to: with the credentials you received in step 2. To test an order you must first list your products in your staging account. Then you must logout of your staging account, login to a real Amazon account and purchase items with a real account and credit card. For this reason Amazon suggests setting all pricing and shipping to $0.01.


Hopefully this helps save some time for many of you as it took our team hours to compile and learn all of the information above from Google and Amazon MWS support.

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