How Cloud Computing Can Even the Playing Field

The cloud has been an IT buzzword for several years now, but it’s only now that businesses are beginning to see the real benefits of cloud computing. SMEs are set to be the greatest beneficiaries of a rapidly expanding tech sector that in itself is valued at almost $150 billion.

Cloud computing reduces IT costs …

Cloud solutions are an IT manager’s dream come true, making it possible to do an awful lot more while spending an awful lot less. Cloud computing gives even the most modest small business access to the kind of processing and storage enjoyed by the biggest multinationals. Some common usages are starting to emerge in this sector such as:

  • Expanded e-commerce operations: Before The Cloud, small business were often punished for being too successful, simply because their e-commerce infrastructure couldn’t handle a sudden spike in traffic. Cloud computing makes that a thing of the past. Cloud services are not just massively scalable but are offered with intelligently elastic pricing structures.
  • Data Leveraging: Data is increasingly the most valuable asset of any business. IT departments in the past have focused on storage and processing of data, and intensive analysis had been seen as something of a luxury due to the additional processing overhead. Cloud computing makes this kind of deep analysis possible even for the most modest businesses without requiring huge investment
  • Collaboration: Many businesses are turning to cloud solutions to provide infrastructure for their staff. Even some large organizations have begun turning to Google Docs as a way of empowering staff to share and collaborate, while other more specific cloud services offer collaborative services in industries such as finance. It’s cheap, secure and allows staff to perform at their best.

… while making it easy to launch new services

Platforms such as Amazon Web Services offers a huge opportunity to small businesses who want to make a big impact. These platforms take software development to a whole new level: Think of them as huge sandboxes where you can build pretty much anything you can dream of.

Most platforms are language-agnostic, meaning that companies can use their existing in-house programming skills to build new applications and services. At this point in the past, there were huge entry barriers in the form of building an infrastructure to support these new applications. With AWS and others, it is possible to simply build and deploy, knowing that your app will be ready for business from day one.

The growth of the cloud has seen the return of the concept of an open Web, where all you need to succeed is a great idea. What will you build?

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