CloudBerry Lab + Amazon Glacier: Your 1¢ Cloud-based Backup Solution

We all know that backing up our data consistently is important right? (for those of you who aren’t yet, you should start.) After a few years of using RackSpace’s Cloud Files and then Amazon’s S3 (Simple Storage Solution) for backup, we recently made the switch over to Amazon’s newest, low-cost storage service, Amazon Glacier. When considering the speed of Elastic Block Store (EBS) and S3, Glacier by comparison moves glacially slow. Amazon Glacier is optimized for data that is infrequently accessed and for which retrieval times of several hours are suitable. However companies typically over-pay for data archiving.

Most companies have to guess what their capacity requirements will be, then understandably over-provision to make sure they have enough capacity for data redundancy and unexpected growth. With Amazon Glacier, and most of their other services, you only pay for what you use. Amazon Glacier changes the game for data archiving and backup as you pay nothing upfront, pay a very low price for storage, and then scale your usage up or down as needed, while AWS handles all of the operational heavy lifting required to do data retention well.

Sounds great right? Well what happens when you need to automate that process on your servers?

In comes CloudBerry Lab’s, CloudBerry Backup for Windows Server. It runs as Windows Service and tracks folders for the new or changed files to backup Windows server to Amazon Glacier. Even if you aren’t a AWS Glacier believer, they also support Amazon S3, Windows Azure, Rackspace, OpenStack, Google Storage, HP Cloud, DreamObjects, Clodo, Scality, Dunkel, Host Europe, GreenQloud, Seeweb, Connectria, Walrus and Mezeo.

After using CloudBerry Backup for Windows Server for the past few weeks, I can say I’m thoroughly impressed. Since it runs as a Windows Service, I wouldn’t even know it was working if I didn’t configure their SMTP e-mail alerts.

Head over to CloudBerry to see the full benefits of their solutions:

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