Continuous Integration Status Board

Continuous Integration Build Status Board for Bamboo & Jenkins

We’ve internally been using Atlassian’s Bamboo CI and Jenkins CI build servers for some time now. As we have begun maintaining an ever growing codebase for our clients, we found it nice to have a CI server status board that our team can glance at throughout the day to see build and test statuses, integration statuses as well as a few extra metrics on a few Amazon Web Services solutions.

I decided to write up a quick PHP and Javascript / jQuery solution that allows us to place all of our Bamboo projects, Jenkins Jobs, and the AWS Services we wanted to see all on one screen. It makes it easy for our team to monitor current statuses with a quick glance.

I wanted to write an entire jQuery solution, but cross domain issues between browsers made using PHP much easier. There is one central configuration file that allows a user to drop the codebase onto a server, edit only one file and be running. The frontend uses Zurb’s Foundation 4 framework meaning the build board looks great on anything from a small iPhone screen on up to a 72″ flat screen TV (our preference) and runs like any other simple PHP application. Currently we’re running the updates at every 7.5 seconds but this can easily be configured to any time you want.


  • Multiple Jenkins ServerĀ Monitoring
  • Multiple Bamboo Server Support
  • Multiple AWS ElasticBeanstalk ApplicationĀ Monitoring
  • Multiple AWS Service Monitoring

Possible Future Development:

  • Javascript cleanup & optimization
  • Bug Fixes
  • TravisĀ CI
  • (Requests from you)

I’m sure there are a few small bugs. Please feel free to test out and open pull requests below.

Download on GitHub

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