The Future of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design has been on the move since 2012 and all trends point towards the website tool being a permanent fixture in web design. As more devices hit the market with Internet capability, the more responsive web design will need to be across multiple channels.

So what are the current trends in responsive design and where will it be headed? Only time will tell, but here are some foreseeable responsive web design trends for the future:

More Availability

With a few years of advancement, responsive web design has made itself more readily available to the general consumer. Not only are leading responsive design agencies attracting big-name clients, but self-publishing sites like WordPress also are adopting responsive design into their own design templates.

This makes it easy for bloggers and companies who use WordPress for their sites to easily integrate responsive design and shows that just about everyone is thinking about ux / ui experience. This is a trend that should continue and be more available to a wide variety of users.

Adapts to Future Technology

Having your frontend web development responsive for a variety of mobile screen sizes will be an upward trend in the future of web design. Televisions that run apps and have web-browsing capabilities are already available, and it will only be a matter of time before those technologies are advance to the point of becoming a fluid online user experience.

Apple has been making an impact in the automobile industry, and should have a full website experience built into the system in a few years. Website will need to adapt to these new formats while remaining vivid on a traditional mobile devices. Responsive design is a big part of that future.

Google Likes It

Responsive web design long ago captured the eyes of the giants of Silicon Valley. Now, the leader of search engines even recommends using responsive design on mobile devices for the greatest SEO performance. Not only does it matter for SEO performance, but also Google keeps making advances in location-based services. Agreeing with them can help your business in page ranks and exactly where to locate a brick-and-mortar store.

These are just a few of the advances that occurring in mobile design. Responsive web design not only helps consumers use their current mobile devices now, it also will reshape the user experience of the future. From browsing the web in a car to a television, responsive design helps make that futuristic product a possibility.

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