How important is it to have keywords in my domain?

Do I need to use a keyword stuffed domain name?

Many times I am asked by customers, “Is having keywords in my domain name important”? My normal answer is yes and no, as it depends on the situation. I do agree with what Matt Cutt’s explains in the video below. However for many local small businesses and startups in a competitive market, having a super-brand like Matt explains is not necessarily feasible. Small businesses looking for local visitors do need to rely on keywords to get the attention of visitors who don’t necessarily know them.

It can help, but I would use other methods

Having a domain with keywords in it is unfortunately quite powerful to Google. Matt explains in the video below that Google has thought of turning back the knob on this part of the algorithm to not give keyworded domains such favor. I agree that they should still give keyworded domains a little favor but not as much as they are now.

There are many other SEO practices that can help move your listing to the top of search engines without needing to have a keyworded domain. My final answer to this question to all customers is, does the keyworded domain look natural? If your keyworded domain idea is a whole sentence, then I would never suggest this type of domain. Although search engines may treat it well, it is almost never acceptable for a small business or startup to have a super keyworded domain in my opinion unless it directly relates to their name. If it doesn’t directly relate to their business name, I would pass and use other SEO practices to move up the ranks.

  • I belong from SEO background just started learning web design according to me keyword in the URL helps layman to get an idea about what the site is all about. I agree that for small business it is more necessary then big business .

  • It is better to find a keyword related site name. That will be helpfull to search it easily. One more thing it is mainly for big business only. Other wise any name is fine. .

  • But the domain name selection is a head ache job, now its difficult to find a good domain

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