Research Firm SourcingLine Identifies Otreva in Top Shopify Designers & Developers

The research outlines the focus and capabilities of 8 top design and development firms specializing in Ecommerce solutions for the Shopify platform [including Otreva].

WASHINGTON, December 10, 2013 -­‐-­‐ Today SourcingLine published their initial Leaders Matrix on leading Shopify Designers & Developers. The proprietary Leaders Matrix analyzes each firm’s focus in Shopify design and development against their ability to deliver value to their clients. SourcingLine also published a companion Directory of Shopify Designers & Developers that help buyers quickly identify the firms that best fit their criteria.

The Shopify Leaders Matrix highlights firms that can perform a variety of tasks involving the Shopify platform, including: strategic planning, data preparation & migration, front-­‐end design, backend development, app customization, CRM/ERP integration, training, and ongoing support. The leading designers and developers are able to combine their knowledge of the Shopify platform with a deep understanding of their client’s businesses, allowing them to create both visually appealing and highly effective ecommerce solutions.

Out of hundreds of certified Shopify Experts, only eight firms were inaugurated into the Leaders Matrix. The following firms were included: 3five, Jivaldi, Ben Crudo Consulting, sineLABS, Realm Web Design, Spring Web Solutions, ZipBoss, and Otreva.

“Due to its convenient implementation process and its functional simplicity, the Shopify platform remains in high demand for small-­‐ to medium-­‐sized businesses,” asserted Joshua Margolin, Senior Analyst at SourcingLine. “Our Leaders Matrix identifies designers and developers that bring much more than Shopify expertise to the table: these firms possess technical and strategic knowledge of the ecommerce space.”

SourcingLine’s effort to identify the top Shopify designers & developers remains ongoing and they encourage firms with a proven record to apply to participate in research updates. Upcoming publications will highlight leading Sitecore partners, Web design agencies, and big data analytics firms.

About SourcingLine

SourcingLine is a Washington, DC-­‐based research firm focused on IT, marketing, and business consulting services. We provide independent, quantitative analysis on leading services firms to support procurement decisions in small, medium and large enterprises. SourcingLine combines elements of traditional business-­‐to-­‐ business research offerings with more innovative features more common in the business-­‐to-­‐consumer market. We publish the top-­‐ranked analysis of Global Outsourcing Locations and Mobile Application Developers among others.


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