SEO: How Google makes improvements to its search algorithm

Google updates its search algorithm nearly 500 times per year to improve user experience. That is almost twice a day that an improvement is added to make search results better for users. Google’s main goal is to check why certain searches on their search engine aren’t performing as well as they want and then develop a hypothesis of why and then what needs to be changed. For a more detailed explanation of the techniques they use, check out this video put together by the Google Search Team:

What does this mean for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

This likely means that if you are trying to trick search engines by using short term hacks or black hat tricks to get a higher rank, Google will one day figure it out and likely ruin your ranking.  The best long-term method of SEO is to provide information that users want to actually consume. The old saying that content is king is more true than ever.

Google’s Panda Update

Google Panda is a revision to the Google ranking algorithm that was first implemented in February 2011. The change aimed to lower the rank of low-quality sites and return higher-quality sites near the top of the search results.  This change reportedly affected the rankings of almost 12 percent of all search results. More recently in November of 2011, Google released the freshness update which is why blogging can be more helpful than ever. If you search for the new release date for the Google Nexus phone by typing ‘Google Nexus Release date‘, you won’t want to see the old results when people were rumoring wrong dates in early November ’11. As of this writing the smartphone wasn’t released yet so there was a new article showing almost every hour. Google is obviously giving preferential treatment to fresh articles.


What should you do?

There are a few steps that you can take as a webmaster without knowing any code or on page optimization techniques.

  1. Link Building
  2. This is the process of building links that point to your blog. One way links from high-page rank sites in a similar category normally help your rankings the most. Reciprocal links will also work however they aren’t desirable.

  3. Blog Writing
  4. Keeping your site up to date with fresh content has also proved to be important with recent updates to the Google Algorithm as mentioned above. A blog is a simple and easy way to do this. Create content relevant to your website.

  5. Social Bookmarking
  6. More and more users are joining different social network day by day. Getting your content in front of these users so they can easily share with their networks is a terrific traffic booster as well as rank booster.

  7. Forum Commenting (Do-Follow)
  8. Post relevant comments on forums or blogs giving do-follow links back to the comment author. Don’t post garbage as your comment will likely be deleted and you could even get IP labeled as a spammer which won’t help you at all.

Feel free to post some questions in the comments below or ask for a free evaluation of your site so you can understand how to rank better.


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