Simplifying E-commerce Inventory and Order Management

Otreva has been working on a new product called Channel Ape for the last few months. Channel Ape was designed to help omni-channel e-commerce vendors manage their platform in a single mobile friendly, cloud based system. Many e-commerce store owners are plagued with constant redundant management like order fulfillment, product data management and customer management that they don’t have the time needed to help grow their business. Some may even have access to third party supplier APIs that give updated stock data as well as accept orders for drop shipment.

Why is Channel Ape An Invaluable Tool For E-commerce Store Owners?

APIs or Application Programming Interfaces are a way for software to interact with each other. They allow Channel Ape to communicate with Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and private third party vendors.

The most powerful feature we’ve developed for Channel Ape is called Advanced Search. We know that most e-commerce store owners manage their stores differently and that they have different process flows. Advanced Search allows users to create lists that are tailored to their process flow. A list is an infinitely customizable set of parameters to search within your Channel Ape business’s database. We currently offer two types of lists, Product Lists & Order Lists.

Product List Examples

  • Name: Nike over $25 | Params: Vendor = Nike, Selling Price > $25
  • Name: Sneakers over $25 | Params: Category = sneakers, Selling Price > $25

Order List Examples

  • Name: Amazon Unfulfilled Orders | Params: Channel = Amazon, Status = Unfulfilled

The above are very simple examples to help illustrate how lists can be useful. Lists can be attached to Channels with modifiers so you can customize exactly what gets listed where. You can apply discounts to prices or even modify inventory levels for that specific channel only without affecting data integrity within ChannelApe. Need to create a sale for one day? Need to inflate inventory levels for the weekend? No problem, just apply a modifier and push your update.

Lists can also be added to your Channel Ape business dashboard so that you can get a quick overview of the exact data you want to see as soon as you login.

How Do I Try Channel Ape Out?

We’re currently in private BETA but head over to and sign up today to request an invite to the platform.

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