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Three Design Rules for Creating High-Performing Mobile User Experiences

Some time ago, companies could get away with showing little personalization and concern for the customer as an individual –but not anymore. Nowadays, brands are required to show integrity, build trust and sustain positive relationships. In keeping with this, the mobile experience is expected to be both of high quality and intuitive.

Performance is a key aspect of user experience. Thus, the onus is on the designer to keep things streamlined and highly functional while striving for excellence in customer experience.

The following are three performance-related design considerations to help designers get the best results from their design decisions

Mobile Performance

Mobile platforms are no longer an option for brands that wish to represent themselves adequately online; they are now a prerequisite. Statistics indicate that a large number of consumers are now spending the bulk of their online time on mobile devices. The natural expectation is that the websites they visit and the businesses they buy from will take the time to develop mobile apps and responsive web platforms.

Designers should know that no matter how pretty a mobile site or app is, if it keeps crashing or loading slowly, they’ll rack up poor reviews and low ratings, ultimately resulting in lost users and poor adoption.

Brand Representation

Every point of contact a consumer has with a brand creates an impression, and as such your brand perception is tied very tightly to the user experience you’re providing on your mobile platforms. The most effective way to stand out in the myriad apps and mobile platforms on the market today is to define your brand in some unique and distinct way, making your brand stand out in the consumer’s mind.

Though designing and building a truly unique feature is a required step, the most important part of the process is effectively integrating it with your existing technology and branding and making certain that the process flows smoothly.

Do this and your mobile design will gain all the loyal users it can handle; fail to differentiate yourself through your design and you’ll find your business lost in a sea of ventures just like yours.

User Needs

One of the most vital elements of web design is focusing every aspect of your platform on meeting your users’ needs and addressing them in the best possible way.

By creating a design priority matrix that focuses on both current and future users, as well as the level of competition, you should be able to easily define the most important needs of your users.

While many designers and developers today fail to realize the importance of the connection between design and a satisfying user experience, it’s a miscalculation that few businesses can afford.

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