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Using responsive e-commerce development may have been a trend just shy of two years ago, but it’s not going away anytime soon. Responsive web design means that your website is resized depending on what device the site is being viewed from. It creates flexibility in a website’s layout, fonts and pictures in order to adapt […]

Jessup Tekridge Center Otreva

After the past year in an amazing space, Otreva has moved our offices to a larger space in the TekRidge center in Jessup, PA. We will miss our wonderful neighbors at Appek Apps. Come by and say hello if you are in the area. New Address: 50 Alberigi Drive Suite 110 Jessup PA 18434

Our applications can get 10’s of thousands of images uploaded daily. The business requirements asked that the image names be obscured, so someone doesn’t write a simple crawler to get image 001, 002, 003, etc and that the images are stored in an S3 bucket. We came to the conclusion to create and store the […]

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Instant user feed back for form validation can chew up a decent amount of development time and maintaining it can quickly become a hassle.  It’s very likely that the initial development plan will differ from the final product, so once clean code can quickly become unorganized.  Automating form processing allows quick expansion, minimal maintenance and […]

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If you have ever tried to develop a Shopify theme on a Windows or Linux machine, you know how terrible of an experience it can be. Using Shopify’s poor browser based theme editor, uploading single files one by one, not being able to use your favorite IDE or text editor, not so good version control, […]

When using MySQL Stored Procedures in your application, it is important to be able to return multiple messages to the caller. MySQL will take care of all the directly database related errors, such as table not found, but for user errors, there is not much built in for that. An example of this would be […]

The research outlines the focus and capabilities of 8 top design and development firms specializing in Ecommerce solutions for the Shopify platform [including Otreva]. WASHINGTON, December 10, 2013 -­‐-­‐ Today SourcingLine published their initial Leaders Matrix on leading Shopify Designers & Developers. The proprietary Leaders Matrix analyzes each firm’s focus in Shopify design and development […]

Here at Otreva, we use MySQL stored procedures (SPs) in the back end of our projects.  It gives very precise security controls and modularity to functionality across multiple applications.  This is a performance booster for us in most cases because of the complexity of the functionality.  This article is not to discuss the pros and cons […]

We’ve been asked dozens of times by current and potential clients, why should I consider a responsive web design for my website or application instead of a completely separate mobile site? The short answer is, responsive design isn’t the best solution for everyone. Here are Otreva we don’t force responsive design onto clients. We recommend […]


Recently the development team here at Otreva created project named “How much does it cost to build an app” and built the site from the ground up in less than 24 man-hours on a Saturday afternoon. The goal was to produce an application that app pioneers, entrepreneurs, inventors, and innovators could use to estimate development […]