Signallamp Health

Recently we had the pleasure to work with Signallamp Health on developing their new website. Signallamp Health was founded on the clear understanding that human interaction is essential to improving the management of chronic health conditions. While they leverage world-class technology to empower their nurses with relevant and real-time data, the heart of their approach is rooted in […]

Frame Crafters was built by experienced professionals in the eye care industry who have had yet to explore the world of e-commerce. Otreva was happy to assist in every aspect of building Frame Crafters from the ground up. We provided e-commerce consulting, web design and development, inventory creation and user experience design. Otreva built many […]

I find myself wondering how other people manage planning their project timelines. I’m currently using JIRA to “plan time” so that everyone is on the same page about what work is coming up. I know that there are many different systems used to track and allocate time for designers and developers but I find that […]

Cards are used in many different ways on websites.  Mostly these cards provide bite sized information for a customer or user to view without reading a lot of text.  Many cards incorporate images relating to the information for each card.  In most instances, a user can click on the card to see more information about […]

These are some of the best pricing pages out there.  You always want your customer to know what’s included with your product or service and these sites lay that out on their pricing pages. Conjure Media Temple Ready Mag Treehouse Screenr MapBox Shipwire XOXO The Music Bed

Otreva was featured in the Scranton Times this weekend to highlight the new Lackawanna County Wireless network. Read more here