Here are my 10 favorite contact forms.  Contact forms are such an important part of a website, that is many times overlooked when designing the layout.  Contact forms should be engaging and give a customer a compelling reason to contact you. STNG   Vibrant   Climb Online   Monopo   Tribal Media   Brewbot   Daniel […]

After looking through multiple Shopify sites I’ve found some really great sites that I’d like to share.  Of course, images are tremendously important on any website, but especially an ecommerce site that sells products.   Best Made Co.   DodoCase   Kutoa   Tessemae’s   Colossal Shop   Au Lit Fine Linens   Leif   Helm […]

Developing mobile apps starts with a series of choices. Each choice plays an important role in the final look, function, and feel of an application. Choosing a specific platform may be the most crucial choice, as it will then determine what features are available and how an app can roll out. Cordova offers a variety […]

The User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) for web applications will vary greatly depending on the device used to access the site. For this reason, it’s important to begin with a responsive design. From there, you can customize the UX to match each device and select the UI that brings everything together. Responsive web […]