MySQL is one of the most popular database engines, and with good reason. Once configured properly, it can help connect thousands of databases to servers and do so at relatively low cost. Plus, since it’s such a common tool, you’re unlikely to run into issues where servers don’t recognize it or you can’t get help […]

An enterprise web application refers to the apps or software that businesses use to help the organization solve enterprise level problems. This software is usually very large and complex and used only in huge organizations as opposed to small business or individual use. MySQL is an open-source relational database management system that’s widely used for […]

Sort Randomly and Efficiently Purpose There are many things on websites that developers need to display randomly and efficiently. Examples include classifieds, news feed items, and pictures. As a human, it makes sense to see a random list of the newest content posted to a website. If the website is getting thousands of images an […]

Open source has its advantages as well as challenges free more often than not means you are the master of your own destiny, technologically-speaking. Be that as it may, solutions are often within reach and well-documented by the developer community. The following are some guidelines, methods and techniques to develop a sound web application deployment […]

Problem Getting Values From Delimited Array in MySQL MySQL does not have an array type, and if you need to implement arrays, a delimted string is a simple way. If you are using strings to pass a delimited array in MySQL, you have run into the problem of getting a value out at a index. […]

Problem EXECUTE IMMEDIATE is currently not supported by MySQL for executing dynamic SQL, but with the following solution, dynamic SQL can still be one line. Usually writing dynamic SQL in MySQL requires 3 or 4 steps from beginning to end. They are build the query, PREPARE a statement from the query as a user variable, […]

MySQL does not have an array type that can be used in table definitions which precludes a programmer from using arrays in Stored Routines as well. This can be troublesome when a group of values need to be passed. I wrote a few functions and a stored routine example below to handle these situations. The […]

Our applications can get 10’s of thousands of images uploaded daily. The business requirements asked that the image names be obscured, so someone doesn’t write a simple crawler to get image 001, 002, 003, etc and that the images are stored in an S3 bucket. We came to the conclusion to create and store the […]

When using MySQL Stored Procedures in your application, it is important to be able to return multiple messages to the caller. MySQL will take care of all the directly database related errors, such as table not found, but for user errors, there is not much built in for that. An example of this would be […]