Problem Getting Values From Delimited Array in MySQL MySQL does not have an array type, and if you need to implement arrays, a delimted string is a simple way. If you are using strings to pass a delimited array in MySQL, you have run into the problem of getting a value out at a index. […]

These days, to run a business,  you don’t need a physical office or even a dedicated phone line. What you do need in 2014 is a web page. Business webpages have replaced everything from business cards and storefront signage, to stationary and in-person customer service systems. And so, as most of us these days know, smart companies […]

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Internet access is no longer confined to just desktops or laptops. According to Search Engine Land, more than 95% of people access the web from a mobile device. Although mobile devices make accessing the web much more convenient, sites that aren’t optimized for mobile viewing are often unresponsive on these devices. The font displays too small, […]

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You’ve finally gotten your website up and running. The traffic is flowing in, but not as quickly as originally projected. Why isn’t your new website acting as the sales funnel you expected? Today’s consumer uses smartphones and mobile technology for purchasing. If your site does not use responsive web design, mobile shoppers may never see […]

Problem EXECUTE IMMEDIATE is currently not supported by MySQL for executing dynamic SQL, but with the following solution, dynamic SQL can still be one line. Usually writing dynamic SQL in MySQL requires 3 or 4 steps from beginning to end. They are build the query, PREPARE a statement from the query as a user variable, […]

MySQL does not have an array type that can be used in table definitions which precludes a programmer from using arrays in Stored Routines as well. This can be troublesome when a group of values need to be passed. I wrote a few functions and a stored routine example below to handle these situations. The […]

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Using responsive e-commerce development may have been a trend just shy of two years ago, but it’s not going away anytime soon. Responsive web design means that your website is resized depending on what device the site is being viewed from. It creates flexibility in a website’s layout, fonts and pictures in order to adapt […]

Our applications can get 10’s of thousands of images uploaded daily. The business requirements asked that the image names be obscured, so someone doesn’t write a simple crawler to get image 001, 002, 003, etc and that the images are stored in an S3 bucket. We came to the conclusion to create and store the […]

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Instant user feed back for form validation can chew up a decent amount of development time and maintaining it can quickly become a hassle.  It’s very likely that the initial development plan will differ from the final product, so once clean code can quickly become unorganized.  Automating form processing allows quick expansion, minimal maintenance and […]

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If you have ever tried to develop a Shopify theme on a Windows or Linux machine, you know how terrible of an experience it can be. Using Shopify’s poor browser based theme editor, uploading single files one by one, not being able to use your favorite IDE or text editor, not so good version control, […]