ChannelApe’s Shopify Inventory Management

ChannelApe has been able to provide brands like Allbirds, Monster Audio and Pharmacare with enterprise grade solutions for inventory management. When running a high growth, high volume direct to consumer brand, problems arise with managing inventory between 3PLs and warehouses and sales channels. Then comes the issue of fulfilling faster than ever so that customers receive their items in just a few days. Amazon’s pressure of prime items within 2 days makes it more important than ever for brands to manage their direct to consumer operations.


With a direct focus on being a Shopify Inventory Management solution,¬†ChannelApe’s Inventory Management Feature Set Includes:

  • Product Catalog Listing Creator (for¬†Amazon, BigCommerce, eBay, Shopify, Walmart, ShareASale)
  • Auto Import Products
  • Multi-Channel Inventory Tracking
  • Multi-Channel Price Control
  • Product / Variant Tags
  • Rules Engine / Selective Stock Push
  • Bundles and Kits
  • 3PL / WMS Support


The quick inventory checklist for brands is:

  • Do all your sales channels flow directly to your warehouse for fulfillment?
  • Do all your fulfillments immediately update the customer when they are created?
  • Do you have KPIs to monitor the time between order creation and fulfillment creation?
  • Can you manage your inventory levels by percentage across various sales channels?
  • Do you run consistent reports for inventory to understand missed opportunities?
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