Dropship e-commerce automation with ChannelApe

We’ve launched the ChannelApe BETA to the market almost a year ago and have had a variety of e-commerce sellers, marketplaces, platforms and shopping carts. From the BETA we learned one very important lesson; every ecommerce business is different. No two should be forced into a rigid platform to do things the same way especially with different ecommerce product verticals and vendors. Inventory management alone is different for everyone. Throw in order management and fulfillment management with two different vendors, and the time spent manually doing tasks sky rockets.

Currently the ChannelApe product is being overhauled behind the scenes to allow us to launch a new ChannelApe ecommerce automation platform which will allow any two apps on the platform to integrate with each other in thousands of different combinations. The secret is recipes. Recipes are simple connections between our apps and they contain a single trigger and an action.

One our case studies for a customer involved 4 apps, Amazon, Shopify, XML Feed, and CSV Feed.


Integrate and Automate Shopify with XML Feed

Based on a configuration which is setup by the client, ChannelApe will reach out to their vendor via an XML SOAP API to get update on inventory levels, new products, images and discontinued items.

Integrate and Automate Amazon with CSV Inventory Feed

Based on a similar configuration as above, ChannelApe will reach out to their vendor via FTP to get a CSV file and update inventory levels, new products, images and discontinued items.

Integrate and Automate Shopify with Amazon

To be able to integrate Shopify and Amazon with the same product base required a common system. ChannelApe’s product / inventory management feature allows our customers to have one or many variants for a product as well as one or many vendors per variant. This allows our platform to integrate with a variety of multi-vendor scenarios.

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