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responsive web design recommended
Sites that use responsive web design, i.e. sites that serve all devices on the same set of URLs, with each URL serving the same HTML to all devices and using just CSS to change how the page is rendered on the device. This is Google's recommended configuration.

Responsive Web Design has developed over the past few years to become a device agnostic approach to delivering content to users. From a mobile browser on an iPhone all the way up to a HDTV, responsive websites are able to adjust their appearance based on screen dimensions. We can no longer design for a desktop screen with the number of devices and different screen sizes that are available today; and also those that will come tomorrow.

Our Features

  • Designed For 4 Corners

    We design our products for the four corners of screens, not just a specific device's screen dimensions. This helps us future proof your product.

  • Cross Browser Support

    Our web products are designed to work great with a variety of browsers including IE8 +, iOS, Android 2+, Windows Phone 7, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

  • Device Agnostic

    The goal with all of our websites is that they are device agnositc. This means your users have a great experience no matter what device they use.

  • Performance

    Our responsive web designs are developed with performance in mind. Most mobile users can't handle huge website assets.

  • Fluid Width

    By using a grid based on fluid percentages, you don't have to worry about a new device's screen size breaking your website. This also helps to future proof your website.

  • Designed For Real People

    We design our products to solve problems for real people. This may sound weird but it is crazy how many times we've seen a website that doesn't meet your user's basic need.

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Otreva is a custom software product development company focusing on user experience, responsive web development, & mobile application development.

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