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Consumers are using an ever increasing variety of platforms to access services.
We design all of our websites and applications using the responsive web design approach.


Mericle is the most accomplished developer of commercial real estate on Pennsylvania’s I-81 Corridor.

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Why We Do It.

Our team is built of designers who can write code and design visuals, developers who can build interfaces as well as web strategists who can connect it all.

responsive web design recommended
Sites that use responsive web design, i.e. sites that serve all devices on the same set of URLs, with each URL serving the same HTML to all devices and using just CSS to change how the page is rendered on the device. This is Google's recommended configuration.
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Why Should You Be Responsive?

  • Scalable

    We all know how fast technology moves. No matter what devices come out, you can guarantee your website will look great on all of them.

  • User Experience

    When your users have a frustrating experience they are less likely to contact you for your services. Give your users the best experience possible.

  • Easy To Manage

    Multiple websites are difficult to manage. With a responsive website, you only have one website and don't need to worry about content management for multiple sites.

  • Better for SEO

    With a responsive website you don't need to worry about duplicate content on multiple domains. All of your content will be in one place easily accessible by any user whether they are desktop or mobile users.

Designed For 4 Corners

We design our products for the four corners of screens, not just a specific device's screen dimensions. This helps us future proof your product.

Cross Browser Support

Our web products are designed to work great with a variety of browsers including Internet Explorer, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

Device Agnostic

The goal with all of our websites is that they are device agnositc. This means your users have a great experience no matter what device they use.


Our responsive web designs are developed with performance in mind. Most mobile users can't handle huge website assets.

Fluid Width

By using a grid based on fluid percentages, you don't have to worry about a new device's screen size breaking your website. This also helps to future proof your website.

Designed For Real People

We design our products to solve problems for real people. This may sound weird but it is crazy how many times we've seen a website that doesn't meet your user's basic need.

The proof is in the pudding.

Our products & services have helped plenty of startups and teams get stuff done.

Andy Goldberg

- Independent Water Testing

I did a lot of research before selecting Mike, looking at designers inside and outside the area, both large and small. His work initially stood out with its great design. Better yet, he was professional at our first meeting, came prepared with excellent ideas and was ready to work. He proved to be a skillful programmer to go along with his obvious creative abilities. He works well with demanding clients (like me) and always responded promptly to changes as well as questions. As importantly, he left me with a training manual that will allow me to do a lot on my own going forward. I have only great things to say about Mike. He delivered in spades with my site independentwatertesting.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have control of my content once my website is finished?

Of course! We build most of our marketing sites with WordPress... the most popular content management system on the web. We will create custom post types and page templates to fit your design needs and you will have total control over all the content on your website via the WordPress text editor and custom meta boxes we will build for you in the backend.

I want to sell online, is that something Otreva can help with?

Yes, we have a lot of experience when it comes to e-commerce. Actually, we are "Shopify Experts" and can design and develop a custom Shopify website for you, preserving your brand identity and creating the right experience for your user base.

What is a responsive website?

By using a grid based on fluid percentages, you don't have to worry about a new device's screen size breaking your site. Responsive websites adjust themselves to whatever screen they are viewed on.

Do users really use their phones to surf the web more than desktop computers?

Yes, as of 2014 statistics show that mobile web browsing has now surpassed desktop web browsing. You need to provide the best mobile experience for your users, if not, your competitors will.

Are You Ready?

Otreva is a custom software product development company focusing on user experience, responsive web development, & mobile application development.

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