Answer to: Overlay youtube embedded video with image, hide image when clicked and autoplay

If using the HTML5 iframe from YouTube, the above won’t work as the video will play in the background with autoplay=1 set BEFORE the image is clicked. I instead used .append() to append the iframe after the click on the image so the video would only autoplay after the click event for the image.

<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery-1.4.2.min.js"></script> 

<div id="ytapiplayer2" style="display:none;">

<img src=",425,96,1" id="imageID" />
<script type="text/javascript">
$('#imageID').click(function() {
$('#ytapiplayer2').append('<iframe width="1130" height="636" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>');
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