Frame Crafters – Our Latest E-Commerce Website

Frame Crafters was built by experienced professionals in the eye care industry who have had yet to explore the world of e-commerce. Otreva was happy to assist in every aspect of building Frame Crafters from the ground up. We provided e-commerce consulting, web design and development, inventory creation and user experience design. Otreva built many custom features like specific images for product variants, the prescription form, custom templates, and the order process based on the users shopping cart.

We built Frame Crafters using our favorite e-commerce platform Shopify. Shopify is perfect for an e-commerce solution but more often than not we get special requests from clients for custom design, development and setup. It is our experience and expertise in these areas that have earned us a spot as Shopify Experts. Through this we continue to build great end products for our clients and ultimately our clients’ customers.

Some features we designed and developed for Frame Crafters are:

  • Custom Orders
  • Customer Prescription Form
  • Color Varieties
  • Frame On Face Images
  • Custom Templates
  • PD Measuring Tool
Otreva is a custom software product development company focusing on user experience, responsive web development, & mobile application development.

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