Planning Time in JIRA

I find myself wondering how other people manage planning their project timelines. I’m currently using JIRA to “plan time” so that everyone is on the same page about what work is coming up. I know that there are many different systems used to track and allocate time for designers and developers but I find that JIRA is working really well for a few reasons.

The first reason is that this works for our team because we manage all of our epics, user stories, and tasks in JIRA, so it is easy for a designer or developer to manage their workloads based on planned time in Tempo. Tempo is the plugin for JIRA that allows time logging. We use Tempo to log our time on projects anyway, so why use a different system?

The second reason that I find it helpful to use JIRA for planning time is that you can plan the epics based on all of the time allocated to a project. We currently have a few different types of projects. We’ve learned that the estimated points don’t necessarily equate to a set number of hours per point on a given type of project.   Although we may be working on 2 website development projects with a similar number of estimated points, one may be 20 hours and another may be 80 hours. I can plan the epic for the first project at 20 hours (2 ½ days) and for the second project at 80 hours (10 days) using the same tool.

So what tools do you use to manage your projects?

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