Mobile Application Development with Cordova

Developing mobile apps starts with a series of choices. Each choice plays an important role in the final look, function, and feel of an application. Choosing a specific platform may be the most crucial choice, as it will then determine what features are available and how an app can roll out. Cordova offers a variety of benefits to developers, allowing them to include a host of functions not available in all platforms.

What is Cordova?

Cordova is a series of application programming interfaces designed to allow access to all of a device’s hardware functions. For smartphones, this can encompass a range of different sensors, the camera, voice recognition, and much more. The native functions of the phone allow the integration of features like pedometers and real-world interaction.

As more businesses add beacon and sensor technology, the ability to use phone hardware to interact with that technology becomes a must. In addition to hardware, Cordova also allows app builders to work with social media. It’s not uncommon to see Facebook used as an authentication on websites or games, something made possible through the Cordova platform.

Cordova Makes Development Simple

Using the onboard hardware of a device is a major selling point for the platform. It allows developers to include things like barcode scanners, back-end analytics, geolocation, and many other functions, in one app. This all-in-one style of development helps keep costs low and returns high. After all, one of the biggest hurdles in app development is the challenge represented by designing for a variety of devices. Every app must work with Windows, Android, and iOS to get complete market penetration. Even within each market segment, developers face a variety of different screen sizes and interactive features. Not every phone has a fully functioning accelerometer. Cordova’s flexible platform allows developers to work on a single app that functions with a wide range of devices, cutting down on the need for device specific development.

How Cordova Works

Cordova uses a series of APIs that give developers access to native device hardware using Javascript. When it’s used in combination with an existing UI framework (Dojo Mobile, JQuery Mobile, etc.), this enables app development using absolutely zero native code. As an alternative, developers use Web-based tools and can design an app using only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Essentially, Cordova helps with native app building, without the use of native code. It helps take the challenge out of developing for multiple devices.
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