MySQL Fabric Web Database Utility

An enterprise web application refers to the apps or software that businesses use to help the organization solve enterprise level problems. This software is usually very large and complex and used only in huge organizations as opposed to small business or individual use. MySQL is an open-source relational database management system that’s widely used for managing enterprise level content in databases. The purpose is to help make organizing and accessing these giant amounts of content easier and more efficient.

Managing databases is becoming more of a concern for big businesses as big data and the cloud continue to grow in enterprise computing. Developers and administrators are being asked to make sure that availability and scalability are handed out liberally to make sure that enterprise web apps are supported, even in very large and complex infrastructures. Oracle is hoping to address this problem by adding their recently released MySQL Fabric to their MySQL utilities package. MySQL Fabric is part of Oracle’s MySQL Utilities 1.4.3 package released in late May 2014, as reported by Computerworld. The software allows multiple copies of the MySQL database to work together, which can help enterprise customers manage databases much more efficiently. Businesses will be able to run live backup databases and increase scalability across different servers.

Businesses that have one or more servers acting as a replicated backup to the main server have assurances that in the event of an outage, there will be no downtime in transferring requests to one of the hot backups. The software will also allow data to be spread across multiple servers which share information too large for a single server to handle. This is a process called “sharding,” which involves separating database tables into different parts and routing specific information into the individual sections. This info is organized in a way that makes it easy to access specific information. Before the release of Fabric, customers using MySQL had to write the code themselves or purchase third-party software to handle these tricky aspects of database management. MySQL Fabric offers a solution that will help improve availability and scalability of giant MySQL databases.

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