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ReferLocal came to Otreva looking for a fresh new design for their local marketing and e-commerce platform including Business Pages, Deals, Classifieds and a few other ReferLocal products.

Due to some constraints with the legacy platform, we designed around the limitations of the platform by using the Blueprint CSS framework. We changed some of the framework's base CSS to allow for a percentage-based fluid width beyond the normal 980px of fixed-width layouts.

Check out ReferLocal's mobile apps on both iOS and Android which closely match the new design on the new web application.

User Interface Design

We create a custom UI for ReferLocal using their current custom grid system.

User Experience Design

We helped design the UX for a ReferLocal user as they traversed the different offerings from ReferLocal.

Otreva teamed up with Shillster & APPEK to help create their technology platform from the ground up. We started with Zend Framework 2 (PHP) for the web frontend, marketer management backend, and API for the iOS applications.

Glenmaura needed a solution to help them manage their residential and commercial properties as well as promote their lifestyle living. We implemented a customized Google Maps solution to allow Glenmaura to highlight the properties they have for sale.

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