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Mericle is the most accomplished developer of commercial real estate on Pennsylvania’s I-81 Corridor. Otreva built a custom designed website with a content management system using wordpress. Almost all of the pages of the website needed to be custom designed to meet Mericles' criteria.

Custom Design

We built custom templates for almost every page of Mericles' website to show off their variety of content.


Designed to function great any every device, no matter the screen size.

Mericle Blog

Mericle has a wide variety of publications including newsletters and press releases so we built a way for them to show these off.

Featured Buildings and Sites

Mericle has an impressive inventory of commercial properties and buildings. We designed custom posts to show off these listings with brochures, videos and web pages.

United One provides information, insights and experiences necessary for lenders to move quickly through the approval process and to close with confidence.

Founded in 1888, Scranton is a private Catholic and Jesuit university that is known for outstanding academic quality, a beautiful and technology-rich campus, and a sense of community that helps you feel right at home.

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