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Otreva was approached by the team at Cookie Cutter Kingdom to help them build an e-commerce portal on the Shopify platform. They had some unique ideas to revolutionize the way people buy and use cookie cutters with the help of 3d printing technology. Otreva helped integrate with a theme that fit the site as well as two custom Three.Js solutions.

The first being a customizer that allows users to take an off the shelf cutter and add a custom phrase just for them. The second was a tracer solution that allows users to upload a photo of what they want to create a cookie cutter of. The JavaScript library will trace the image and create a custom cookie cutter from it.

Mobile First

Designed for four corners of a screen.

Custom Cookie Cutters

Users can create custom cookie cutters of all shapes and sizes and even add text.
Cookie Cutter Kingdom


Using Shopify's hosted e-commerce platform, we created a highly converting user experience for Cookie Cutter Kingdom.
Cookie Cutter Kingdom

Paper Shop is a familiar name for anyone in Northeastern Pennsylvania for classifieds. Since 1968, Paper Shop has grown to serve 26 counties within northeastern Pennsylvania.

Enso Nutrition approached Otreva needing a custom site that fit their clean and active brand. We worked closely with Inspired Design Studio who created an entire brand for enso including packaging.

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