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Otreva was approached by Kris Jones, internet entrepreneur and best-selling author, to help him create a new site in WordPress that wasn't your standard blog. Kris wanted the landing page to be more portal-like. The request was to create something that could point to some other ventures like ReferLocal & KBJCapital. Kris also wanted the site to be socially connected. Otreva designed a landing page utilizing a ‘metro’ style block layout as well as two live streams for Facebook and Twitter.

Some feedback from users on Facebook:

Kristopher B. Jones
“the nice thing is that is collates all past posts so it’s sort of like a timeline of some of the stuff I’m written in the past…… Note that I told my designer that I wanted the site to be more of a portal and less like a blog and I also told him that I wanted the site to be social. I personally think he crushed it, especially his interpretations of pictures, videos, and the social feeds on the main page.”

Haris Zulfiqar
“Yep, he did a great job making sure all media including social media is interacting with the user base.”

Karen Howell
“Nice website! Loving the Social Stream page in particular!”

David Adams
“Mobile site is slick. Feels like an app almost.”


Packed with standard features that millions of users rely on for their content management system and infinitely extendable with plugins.

Custom Post Types

The entire CMS makes use of WordPress custom post types to ensure Kris can update 100% of the site himself quickly and easily.
Kris Jones

Social Wall

All of Kris's social media posts pulled into one place.

Otreva Designs was approached by Penn East Federal Credit Union to help them update their credit union’s website from an older style and layout. We also were tasked with developing a site that would look good on mobile devices. The bank’s marketing team also needed access to update rates, add photos, and create promotions.

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