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The LSEO DIY Platform walks you through Google’s most important ranking factors, step-by-step and one by one. No guesswork. We’ve demystified local SEO. Don't Have Time To Do It Yourself? LSEO's experts can help you succeed.

As you work through our step by step local search materials, our SEO experts will coach you and provide feedback. Feeling stuck? Simply send a question to your personal SEO coach and receive advice quickly. You control your own marketing and we make sure you’re doing it right. It’s that simple and powerful.


Designed for four corners of any device.

Fully Editable

We built LSEO on the WordPress platform and ensured that everything from links to animations could be edited internally by the LSEO team.

Do It Yourself Platform

Your personal Local SEO (LSEO) Score will help you keep an eye on exactly how you’re doing.

Expert Help

Pay for only as many hours as you need. We are determined to help you succeed.

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