Multi-Channel E-commerce Automation Platform


ChannelApe was designed with multi-channel e-commerce automation in mind. We built it to allow users to connect all of their e-commerce channels, including their vendors (distributors, warehouses, and manufacturers), in one place. We know that users sell products on public channels like Amazon, Shopify, eBay, and many others. We designed ChannelApe to also handle private channels such as  manufacturers and drop-shippers. With their eCommerce Automation Apps, ChannelApe allows users to take  very complex workflows and create simple rules to simplify the automation.

Otreva built ChannelApe with the help of Zurb's Foundation Framework to create a mobile-first application. The application is screen-agnostic meaning you can use it on everything from a cell phone up to an HDTV. The whole application was architected in Amazon Web Services cloud using EC2, RDS, Elastic Beanstalk, DynamoDB, & SES to create a self-healing, auto-scaling application.

Cloud Architecture

ChannelApe relies on Amazon's cloud and various services to ensure 99.95% uptime as well as extremely fast content delivery.

Build for Automation

Automation is the key to helping e-commerce store owners build and market their platform online rather than getting caught up in the management.

Mobile First

Built to be usable from any device, ChannelApe users Zurb's foundation framework for a great mobile experience.

Secure Payment Integration

We used Stripe's payment platform for seamless integration and security compliance.

Paper Shop needed a way to reach all of their users on an ever growing number of devices. We helped their team create a responsive application that allows users to create classified listings from any device.

Otreva teamed up with Shillster & APPEK to help create their technology platform from the ground up. We started with Zend Framework 2 (PHP) for the web frontend, marketer management backend, and API for the iOS applications.

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