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Paper Shop
Paper Shop

Paper Shop has been NEPA's trusted source for classifieds for over 45 years.

Paper Shop needed a way to reach all of their users on an ever-growing number of devices. We helped their team create a responsive application that allows users to create classified listings from any device. A seller can use his or her smart phone or tablet with a camera and list items quickly and easily!

We also helped Paper Shop's team create a powerful administrative backend that helps them manage users, listings, businesses, and accounting systems as well as create the data for the print version of Paper Shop's weekly publication.

Mobile Ready

When users add listings to Paper Shop, they can easily use their mobile device's browser like Google Chrome to snap a photo and create the listing.

Online Ads

A system of showing online ads to various users based on location and category of the site was created to maximize advertiser results.
Paper Shop

Admin CMS

We developed an administrator CMS to allow customer service representatives to easily manage all aspects of the platform.

Cloud Architecture

Deployed on Amazon Web Services, the entire platform is set to auto-scale based on web traffic.
Paper Shop

MBK Law came to us to rebuild their website and create an amazing experience across every device and screen size. We built the site on top of WordPress and created a theme that helped the internal web team manage the site themselves

ChannelApe was designed with multi-channel e-commerce automation in mind. Otreva built the application to allow users to connect all their e-commerce channels including their vendors (distributors, warehouses, and manufacturers) in one place.

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