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Why should only famous people get hooked up for promoting a brand?

With Shillster, you can too. Star in your own photo and receive exclusive deals, social accolades and good karma for helping your favorite businesses. Shillster is a social marketing platform that enables businesses to create and distribute their marketing message via their customers. Word of Mouth is the best form of marketing for your business.

Otreva teamed up with Shillster & APPEK to help create their technology platform from the ground up. We started with Zend Framework 2 (PHP) for the web frontend, marketer management backend, and API for the iOS applications. The web frontend and backend is fully responsive and was created with the help of the Foundation 4 Framework.

The main source for our API design thinking for Shillster was REST. Because it is an architectural style and not a strict standard, it allowed for tons of flexibility. Lastly the API was connected to the iOS application which receives all of its data from the same Zend 2 backend. We designed the Shillster platform to be completely stateless. It will scale up or down to follow the demand curve on Amazon Web Service's cloud computing platform.

Native iOS Application

Shillster was developed using the Objective-C programming language.

Fuzzy Search

We created a fuzzy search feature similar to Google's search to help users easily find what they were looking for regardless of spelling errors.

Auto Scaling API

Shillster's API was developed in ZF2 using AWS's load balancing architecture through Elastic Beanstalk for scaling.


Using Zend Framework 2, we built a web based platform for businesses to manage, view, and report on their events.

ChannelApe was designed with multi-channel e-commerce automation in mind. Otreva built the application to allow users to connect all their e-commerce channels including their vendors (distributors, warehouses, and manufacturers) in one place.

ReferLocal came to Otreva looking for a fresh new design for their local marketing and e-commerce platform including Business Pages, Deals, Classifieds and a few other ReferLocal products.

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